Introduce Yourself

It’s like the first day of school all over again. We all remember that uncomfortable experience when the teacher calls on each student in the classroom to stand up, and briefly explain who they are. Well, now it’s our turn to gladly introduce ourselves to the parents, chaperones, students, and teachers across the globe. We believe that the lack of funding should never be the primary reason a school institution decides to derail an educational class trip to Washington DC. Our key focus is to provide each student with a fun and educational experience that they will be able to remember and share with their own children 20 years from now. While first impressions are considered temporary, you can be certain that reputations are permanent. With that being said, we hold ourselves completely responsible for the safety of each child, and accountable for our professionalism throughout the tenure of your school trip. 

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A Letter to the Parents

Dear Parents, 

      It’s that time of year again when your child comes home from school with a permission slip for you to sign. Some parents cringe at the thought of an overnight class trip to Washington DC, due to the immense pressure of paying for such a big expense. No need to worry parents because our field trips are AFFORDABLE, and can be paid in increments throughout the school year. We acknowledge the fact that not every parent stresses over finances, but we totally understand that 100% of parents worry about the SAFETY regarding their child. At Honor Roll Student Tours our drivers are experienced, our tour guides are licensed, and the relationships we have with specific hotels in the Washington, D.C. area are located in safe and trustworthy neighborhoods. It is our obligation and main concern to return your child in the same manner you sent them to us, EXCEPT more knowledgeable about our country’s history. At Honor Roll Student Tours we take great pride knowing that 30 years from now when your child is cleaning out their attic, they will stumble upon their old yearbook, and memorable class trip pictures of Washington, D.C. with a big smile. Thank you for choosing Honor Roll Student Tours, and we look forward on providing your child with an educational experience that they will remember, and cherish for a lifetime. 

“Making your class trip a “class-ic” one.” 
– Honor Roll Student Tours




Honor Roll Student Tours


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