Driving your child to school takes TIME, writing a book report takes more TIME, grading the book report takes an extreme amount of TIME. Nonetheless, let’s all find the TIME to pray for the students, teachers, and schools across the globe throughout the year. For Christian student tours call 1-888-595-5435 or email us at [email protected]


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“Only if your prayers could be mistaken for the sounds of loud arguments, then and only then you can unlock the prayer warrior bestowed in you.”

-Honor Roll Student Tours


Our great country was founded by the rock of Christianity, and both by the love and fear of our almighty God. From our 1st president of the United States, George Washington who regularly attended Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria, to the phrase “In God We Trust” on our coins and dollar bills. To the famous quote “In One Nation Under God” in our sacred Pledge of Allegiance, God has been and will always be the forefront to our great nation. No one can argue the fact that it was God who heard the many countless, heartfelt prayers of slaves who longed for the day that they were free. For it was God, and God only that swayed the heart of President Lincoln to maneuver his right hand to sign the Emancipation of Proclamation Act. Lincoln who was a faithful member of the New York Presbyterian Church, which is located on 1313 New York Avenue in Washington D.C. and to this day still holds regularly scheduled Sunday worship service for parishioners. During the 1950s and 60s Martin Luther King Jr. fought diligently for the equality of blacks across this country, and who is remembered mostly for his “I have a dream” sermon that was delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This is just a few of the numerous reasons why every year Church groups, Christian schools, youth groups, missionary retreats, and Bible colleges all across the country flock to our nation’s Capitol. They all come to acknowledge and remember the past men and women who were sent by God, and who had the Holy Spirit burning in their soul, as well as the faith in God to push this country forward righteously.




Have you ever wondered why each Congressman, Senator, Vice-President, and President takes the Oath of Office? With the left hand on the Holy Bible and the right hand lingering in the air, they are swearing to protect and defend the Constitution at all costs. Placing their hand on the Bible confirms that they are obligated to stand by these self-sacrificing words. At the conclusion of the Oath of Office it concludes with a powerful statement, “So help me God.” This statement simply states the obvious which is God’s ability and presence to guide you in all your important and significant decisions that you will make throughout your tenure in office, and in your personal life. Our Christian student tours are not just limited to memorials and monuments.

 At Honor Roll Student Tours, we have a church tour package which enables your group to see some of the most influential churches in the Washington D.C. area. From the National Shrine where Pope Francis gave mass in front of thousands of attendees, to Saint Matthews where President Kennedy’s funeral mass was conducted, and to the National Cathedral where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his last Sunday sermon before he was brutally assassinated in 1968. The National Cathedral is also known for conducting past presidents’ funeral masses, such as President Ford and President Reagan. No matter what church you attend, or which denomination you belong to, whether Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, Lutheran, or Protestant, we all serve one awesome God. The next time your Bishop, Minister, Reverend, Priest, Deacon, or school is organizing a trip to Washington D.C., contact Honor Roll Student Tours for Christian educational tours and spiritual group fellowship.

Faith – the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Forgive – to stop feeling anger towards someone who has done something wrong or to stop blaming someone.

Prayer – a request for help or an expression of thanks addressed to God.

Church – a building used for public Christian worship.

Love – an intense feeling of deep affection.

Denomination – a recognized branch of the Christian church.

Heaven – a dwelling place of God, angels, and the souls of those that have gained salvation, a place of the greatest peace and beauty. (Kingdom of God)

The Holy Spirit – one of 3 persons in the one God along with the Father and the Son (Jesus is the son) the Holy Spirit is also called the Holy Ghost. Jesus promised the apostles that he would send the Holy Spirit after his crucifix and resurrection.

Parent & Teacher Daily Prayer

This morning O Lord we are asking that you may watch over our children daily, especially as they walk to their bus stops or to their local neighborhood schools. Protect them from the hands of strangers looking to do harm, and keep them safe from reckless motorists disobeying traffic laws in the vicinity of school zones. Throughout the school day shield our children O Lord from evil outsiders looking to intrude on our schools with malicious weapons. We ask Lord that you may watch over our teachers, and give them the spiritual virtue of patience to be able to relate with difficult students that may be dealing with personal struggles at home, and are in desperate need of undivided attention. Help our teachers consistently remember their purpose and their calling to teach our youth, so that they can perform their job duties at a high level. We also ask that you may watch over our principals and administrative staff, and allow them to obtain the spiritual gift of wisdom so that they may continue to keep our schools afloat. We pray that our teachers and parents can continue to work together positively, hand in hand to see the main goal come to fruition, which is our children’s success. Please Lord cover our precious children with your blanket of safety, and guard our schools with love from the East Coast to the West Coast, Midwest to down south, and all across the world. The future does not belong to the old, it belongs to the youth, and it is our responsibility as elders to lead our children into the arms of God and out of darkness, evil, and witchcraft. Help us, O Lord, to put on your full armor(Ephesians 6:11-17) which will allow our children to have protection, peace, and comfort. We pray for this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. (Matthew 7:15)